Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vacation, Hurricane, Weigh In-- OH MY!

Um yeah, I know I have been completely MIA and I feel bad because I am just now trying to catch up with everyone. First of all, my family went to vacation to New York the week of October 23rd. Well, our flight home was suppose to be October 28th, but as you already know, that did NOT happen. We were stuck in New York until Thursday night and didnt get in our beds until 2am on that Friday. Despite my school and work suffering, we truly had a great time and I am grateful we had the opportunity to see everyone. With that being said, I ate like a frickin sumo wrestler! Ooohhhh man, and it was delicious. but by the end of two weeks, the pants I wore on the flight definitely felt a little snugger than normal and the shirt I put on before that looked super flattering, started not to look that great. My cousin had a scale but I was terrified to get on it. I would stare at it literally everyday. It was mocking me...it knew I didn't have the courage to face the truth and it was right. I didn't. When i got back from New York, it was hard to get back in focus with eating. In fact, I resorted back to my "I'll start on Monday" mentality. I ate Pollo Tropical Friday night and pizza on Saturday night. But when Monday came along, I went balls to the wall. I knew I didn't have the courage to weigh in that week. Although I knew that is what I SHOULD do, I know myself. I know my mind. I knew if I saw the truth on that scale, I would feel discouraged. I would feel angry. And I wanted to be motivated. I decided to forego one week and just work my ass off. And work my ass off I did. I ran EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. Two miles, three miles, three and a half miles. I ran until my shin splints screamed and still ran. I went back every single day, even Saturday and Sunday. Despite lack of sleep, despite any other excuse I could think of.I ran and ran and ran. I weighed in today and...not only did I lose the unspecified NY weight, but I lost 1.2 lbs on top of that... I AM IN THE FRICKING 180s!!!! I cant believe I AM IN THE 180s!!!! Oh man, I am so excited. I could jump up and down I am so excited. I want to scream it from the rooftops. I know I still have a long ways to go. I know I can't get comfortable now, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. IN fact, this is the time I need to kick it into high gear in order to make up for the gluttonous feast I plan on partaking in. Also, I have family pictures next week and it would be great to look my absolute best for this! If I could get down to 186, the weight I was when I got married, that would be an accomplishment in my book :). I plan on going to watch Twilight Friday with a friend Friday afternoon and then going out on Friday night so I am going to have to be strong and make some positive choices. I hope I can do it...EEK! Better start researching WW points now... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AS THEY CONTINUE ON THEIR JOURNEY!! WE CAN DO THIS!! WE CAN!!


  1. We can definitely do this!! I'm so excited for you thatbyou bounced back after a vacation. You go girl!!!!! Keep it up I will be reading!

  2. Good job way to go! I'm glad you made it back safely from NY!
    I did WWs a few years ago, I think I might have mentioned that but anyways I'm not sure if they're still suggesting this method but it helped me during previous Thanksgivings. It's called The Hawk Method; basically you circle the food table 3 times like a hawk stalking and surveying it like your prey and decide on what you really want. Instead of starting on one end of the buffet line and continuing to add to your plate until you've picked up way too many items and not truly loving each thing. Just choose 3 items that you’re in love with and be done after that.

    Just a suggestion and I'm sure whatever they tell you will work well. PS I also once heard that if you don't know how many points something is, like a casserole, you can safely assume each bite you take = 1 pt. Yikes huh, that one was a hard one for me to swallow at first but it has stuck with me all these years.

    I'll be thinking of you, but I'm sure you'll do well. Hang in there and let us know how you did.