Monday, March 31, 2014

What a day...

Today is one of those days I am grateful for my friends who just pop in to see how Im doing.  I am bad at reaching out to people when I need help or direction and I love when those know when I am lying about my "oh! Im fine." and just help me vent.   Its been a rough day and perhaps its an emotional part of the month for me but I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed and a bit confused on what direction to take.  Sigh.  Its one of those days that you want to look back at yourself 15 years from now and scream...what did you EVER have to  be stressed over? Being an adult is hard! lol. And it is.  Anyways, in other news, I have a 5K run this weekend that I am really excited about. Its called the RIDICULOUS RUN and while its been a very long time since my last 5K, Im up for it. lol. Going with a fun group of girls and I think just being out will be super  therapeutic. I wish my hubs could come but unfortunately, he has to work. But he has really stepped up to the plate these last 3 weeks and I honestly couldn't ask for a better partner in life.

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