Sunday, March 30, 2014


OH man. Its been FOREVER since I wrote in this blog. So many changes have happened and are continuing to happen! I am so grateful at the place God has taken my family and myself personally. I am a little pressed for time, but I just felt the need to put some things down on paper.  Or on computer. Whatever. LOL. But this past year, I've been praying a lot about revealing the heart of people near to me and also to steer me in the direction of people who are for my family and growth and away from those who are pretty much just out for elevating themselves at the cost of others.  Away from those who pray for others as long as they stay a notch above their notch.  I've seen some who can't praise the advancement of someone else because either they felt they were undeserving (as though someone has the gall to judge the blessings of others) or because they are downright jealous.  I've been blessed to have rekindled several damaged friendships and had wonderful creations of others. I've kept a lot more of myself private and a lot of developments private. I'm learning lessons of humbleness and fighting against pride or boastfulness.  Its not an attractive quality and even if it can unintentional, sometimes its just best to celebrate victories in a very small circle of trustworthy people and not with the world. I've lost someone special this year. The death of my best friend's father, whom was a  better father to me for over 18 years than my own father was really hard on me. Extremely hard.  I am grateful for the friends I can lean on and speak to about it.  I am so grateful for the love of others because in the end, to pass in a circle of genuine love is what matters.  Just a lot of revelations. A lot of shielding. A lot of protecting. A lot of cultivating. A lot of growth. A lot of gratefulness. A LOT of stress. lol. Anxiety has never been a stranger to me. Ever. But I have been doing my best to control it. Sometimes failing miserably. sometimes successfully. My son is still beyond incredible. I am forever grateful for my sweet boy. My special gift. He has so many wonderful talents, and every single day with him is such a gift. He is destined to do great things. I know it in my heart. And its our job as parents to protect his as well. Anyways, I got to get moving soon, but just a tiny intro to the progression of my life and I will be getting more specific when I have a little more time to write. But just know God has been SOO good and so faithful! We have a lot of exciting things in rotation but with that being said, I am in current prayer about several other things weighing on my heart so please pray about that!

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