Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday...

I. frickin fracking did it. I DID IT!! did what? Well, just did a slew of things that I never thought I would accomplish. First of all, I did the mud run as you guys saw from the picture. I am hella proud of me and my partner in crime. We worked our ass off and it was no small feat. WE DID IT! After the mudrun though, i started to feel feverish. The next day, I went to the doctor with a temp of 102.4 and feeling a complete wreck. After a chest xray, a breathing treatment, shot in the ass, a pharmacy of drugs, I left with a diagnosis of bronchitis and a sinus infection. So happy I went because it truly helped me. Anyways, my appetite was very little so both days I had pretty much a banana, breakfast  bar, chick fila bowl of soup, some saltine crackers and a little bit of dinner (chicken and spinach). Not much at all but I was forcing myself to eat even the above. I LOST 5 LBS THIS WEEK!!! It helps burning calories coughing so hard that your abs are actually sore (and I have been purposely flexing them in preparation of a cough everytime as well...hey you might as well fit it in somehow since I didn't have energy for cardio). Anyways, the 5lbs got me to 190 lbs on the scale. PROUD DOESN'T BEGIN TO SAY HOW I FEEL. I AM 190 LBS! I LOST 10% OF MY BODY WEIGHT!!!  I AM ONE POUND FROM THE 180s! I AM ONE POUND FROM THE 180s!!!!! I AM ONLY 5 lBS FROM 185, the weight I was when I got married! ONe of the last times I felt beautiful (well not counting pregnancy because I felt sexy pregnant. LOVED my buddha belly!). 5 lbs away. I have lost a total of 24.6 LBS. I am 5.4 lbs away from losing 30 lbs. I am just happy ya'll. And Im proud of me. I can't even lie, i definitely celebrated with a bread bowl of chili for lunch...and MAN it was delicious. I AM STUFFED! But every wednesday, I have me a cheat meal. I don't have cheat days, I have a cheat meal. And in my cheat meal, I refused the cheese in my chili...yes, I put sour cream, but its better than cheese, right :) ? Baby steps.  And instead of a dessert, I had a fresh fruit salad from the salad bar. But anyways, I got me a long way to go right now. My goal is still 170. At least for right now. I will see how I feel at that weight before saying I want to be less than that. But it actually feels as though my goal is attainable. I feel like I can reach it. I hope all of my weight loss friends out there are doing well. Its a struggle, for sure, but we can do it. We need to remain accountable, ask ourselves before we eat something if this will take us closer or farther from our weight loss goal. I use to wish myself skinny. Now I am fighting tooth and nail to be healthier. Wishing will get me no where. Not making changes or making excuses for myself and "hoping" the scale will move down is just unrealistic. Not pushing myself physically and expecting to see my body change is being delusional. I have to keep doing what I am doing. I have to work. I have to PUSH. I have to want being healthier more than I want a bad food choice. And its not easy. And I am not perfect, and some days, I just fail miserably. But I do my best to make up for it now, and make it a reason to make better choices the next meal, or push harder in my workout. Anyways, I am feeling PROUD PROUD PROUD! HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No surprise

I am up. And I knew I would be. I gained one pound this week and I know what caused it. First of all, I didn't work out for one week. I had a medical issue that caused me to go to the ER on Saturday (not serious, just embarrassing). I have been told not to run. Well, without me running, my mouth was left idle. I bought baked lays for my husband and ate almost a half of a bag a couple nights before bed. I literally, COULD NOT STOP. I know that the saltiness plus the high glycemic index of those chips did me in the moment I licked my last finger. I am back in serious control of my weight right now. I don't care what the doc says, I will be back working out. My race in literally in a few days and by Sunday, i want to be down that pound. My goal for weigh in next week is three pounds. I know I got this. I am bummed because I was only one pound away from my 10% goal and I ruined it, but I will get it back. Im so close to my goals I can feel it and I won't let a bad week deter me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The weigh in....

Man, I have really been sucking at updating and this blog will be pretty short. I had a crappy eating weekend. On Friday I went on a date with my hubby and I had a margarita, a half of a philly cheesesteak and fries for dinner. Then on Saturday I went out with my FABULOUS friend Charlie who was in from out of town and I had two glasses of wine, a few nibbles of fried shrimp appetizers, 2 chicken wings in blue cheese dressing, a half of a turkey burger ( I literally cut it in half before I ate it and only ate half) and a serving of fried okra. Oh yeah, i went in... But I will tell you what I did right this weekend. Those two dinners were the only bad blemishes in my day. I made sure my breakfast, lunch, and snacks were on point. I ran 3.1 miles on Friday, 3.1 miles on Sunday, 2.4 miles on Monday, and 3.1 miles on Tuesday. Yes, I ran my frickin ass off. I was desperately trying to make up for the weekend as well as train for the 5K race me and my girl Danielle are running October 14th. Literally a week and a half away. I also made sure that I kept my diet on point the rest of the week. I ate well. So after my 3.1 mile run yesterday (which I did in just over 36 mins...not too shabby for a big girl) I was sweating PROFUSELY. I mean it was pouring even after I was running. MY FAT WAS BAWLING!!! I pushed it hard and it didn't like it. I knew I was going to lose something this week. Didnt know what it was going to be, but I knew it was going to be something. Even though I ate badly this weekend, I knew I made up for it. I fought for it. And... I LOST THREE LBS! I am now at 194 lbs with a total weight loss of 20.6 lbs. I am in the 20s. I AM IN THE 20s!!!! I worked my butt off and it truly made a difference! I am only ONE POUND away from my 10% goal. ONE POUND. that target seemed so far fetched when I first signed up for weight watchers and I am just really happy and proud of my dedication. It hasn't been easy. My shin splints hurt like all hell, Ive tasted every possible SmartOnes cuisine made, its been more expensive to buy fresh shrimp, and salmon, and tilapia, and chicken every single week, as well as those KIND bars that are SO FLIPPING GOOD but cost like $1.25 EACH. It sucks buying fresh fruit every few days because it goes bad so quickly and it stinks sometimes having to make sure I am preparing all of my dinners at home because popping in a stouffers lasagna just isn't the most healthful option but I've been doing it. And this part feels good. The results feel good. I still have SO MUCH MORE to go. I mean so much more. I tried on an outfit this weekend that was a size smaller than I wore before but it still just didn't look good on my bootydo (my affectionate name for my big flappy belly). 194 lbs is far from svelte and I know that but I am looking better. I am having people take notice and in order to get to 174, I have to be at 194. I'm halfway there. I am frickin halfway there and this halfway doesnt feel half as impossible as the first day I walked into weightwatchers. What this has done is given me even more hope and focus. So anyways, I'm proud of me. I'm excited about my progress and I will continue to keep forging forward. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!