Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inward Reflection...

I will be the first one to admit... I am a chronic worrier. I am not the kind of person that worries out loud or goes through life being a debbie downer. I instead choose to worry internally. Only my family truly knows the depth of my worrying and I know I get it from my mom. She has chronic worry syndrome as well. When I call her on the phone, I have to be careful about the tone of my voice because if indicates any type of adversity, she is immediately giving me the inquisition about what is wrong, and she can hear something is bothering me. I am 31 years old, and I know that much of my mom's day is spent thinking of me and my sister and praying over us. My son is only two years old and I feel the same way already. I worry about him, I worry about my family. I worry about the future, especially when I see something that is traumatic on TV. Isn't it human to fear the unknown? It is when I get these paralyzing moments of worry that I instantly say a prayer of protection and calm. As I desire to grow more in my spiritual journey, I am making a conscious effort to trust God more. To read more scripture, especially in times of worry. I think having this blog will also help me along the way. I just read the following scripture:
“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today."
And it is so true. It made me think that everyone who has passed away unexpectedly, probably had something that they were worrying about having to do the next day...but that day never came. I want to do my best to plan for my future as always, but also live the best life I can with each minute that passes. To not take advantage of time I have with my family. To truly just love life and the days God blesses me with. This task isnt easy, but it is necessary. 
This has been a MOMment of Reflection...


  1. So beautifully written. I'm also a worrier. I worry that things will turn out the way I "want" them to...etc. I like that you said we need to live the best life we can and try not to worry SO much!

  2. i think worry syndrome happens the moment we become a mom. I never worried this much before, but when I was single, I was living for myself. Now I live for God, my family, and then myself. Its so different when you go from selfish to selfless...

  3. Agree, worrying is enbedded into us as parents and especially as mothers!