Monday, September 3, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I feel like holiday season came and went so quickly and that I haven't done a great job of blogging since Friday.  I truly enjoyed my weekend! Besides feeling great about reaching a personal goal on the treadmill, I managed to eat really well these past couple of days. Yesterday we went to Golden Corral after church. Typically, a trip to Golden Corral would entail me consuming large quantities of macaroni cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, fried okra, hot buttered rolls and dessert.  Well I shaved that down CONSIDERABLY and left feeling only satisfied, not stuffed and full...which lets be real, is the only reason you go to a buffet, right? Ugh, I was robbed. People should be charged a diet fee. lol.

Anyways, I have to study so I will have to write something more substantial during lecture tomorrow. Make great choices everyone!! WEIGH IN TOMORROW! YIKES!!!


  1. I'm a bit nervous about my weigh in on Wednesday. I know that I haven't done the best eating (usually at dinner) over this past weekend. I'm be thinking about you tomorrow! you come!

    1. Aww thanks dear friend. Oh man, I better be in the 100s tomorrow. BETTER! Especially after going to your house and turning up all that delicious frickin' food and listening to everyone talk about how DELICIOUS everything was. JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!