Monday, September 10, 2012

Tired doesn't even BEGIN to explain my current status

Oh man, what a day. Last night, Jonathan was hit by an UGLY stomach virus. He was vomiting every couple of hours and it was heinous. On about three hours of sleep, I had to go to my clinical this morning and I was DRAGGING. Thank GOODNESS I find Women's Health interesting. Felt my first uterus and got to see adorable little babies. Also saw where they do circumcisions. Man...its barbaric. My son has one and if I had another boy, Id want him to be circumcised too but sheesh, I wish there was an easier way. Anyways, my son is appearing to be feeling better even though he is still refusing to eat ANYTHING. I can't handle another night like last night so i am REALLY hoping this virus has run its course. With that being said, I am sick. Coughing up a lung sick. I just want to lie in bed and hibernate until tomorrow. I will gladly take a shot of Nyquil and call it in VERY early.

Survived a day of Bagel temptation today. Someone brought Einstein bagels and cream cheese to the nursing   station. I swear, before my diet, I've never had so much opportunity for free food. Now that I am restricting EVERYONE in my universe is more than generous fatty yumminess. Working on the floor so early truly makes you hungry. I brought an extr snack and made it until lunch.  Yesterday I did pretty well. I made a chicken fried quinoa. It was alright, I did my own recipe and so next time I will follow the one on Skinnytaste. But it was low in points and filling. I'm extremely nervous about weigh in tomorrow. I'm debating whether or not to even go. I haven't worked out since Friday and last week I only did three weeks. I usually do low carb dinners at least twice a week, not this week. And I definitely took in more calories as a whole. The math just isn't looking well for my side and I'm very nervous. If I am in the 200s I will be extremely disappointed in myself. Guess we will see, wont we...


  1. I say go... Just remember not to take the weigh-in too hard. Be encouraged - make changes for this week - and move forward. Your daily eats look great though, so I wouldn't be too worried!

  2. Hope your little boy is feeling better!

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