Friday, September 7, 2012

Jumping back on the bandwagon

First of all,  I just want to say how grateful I am to have a support system. I honestly feel if I didn't have this blog, my emergency text weight loss sponsors Shanna and Danielle, FB Group Mama Laughlin, and my incredible family, it would be easy to fail. With all those people holding me accountable and helping me along the way, it makes things so much easier. Well, not easier, but it makes it harder to quit. Harder to let go. With school in full force, Im just beyond stressed. OB and Pediatrics are kicking my ass. And I use to stress eat during school. Now I don't have that and its making me freak a little bit. I need to go to the gym instead and really do things that uplift me and not use food as a crutch. I am so motivated by so many people who have lost the weight. And I know with everyone who has lost weight, they had weeks like I am having. Good weeks, bad weeks. Weeks they feel like giving the hell up. But I can't. i won't. I need to take it day by day and just really celebrate my accomplishments.

Anyways, yesterday, even with the rice cake binge, I was two points under. I ended up having a SmartOnes for dinner again too, SO I am probably retaining and insane amount of water right now. I need to get some of that natural tea I spoke about in the previous post to help alleviate that. I am going to work out today before studying and be as productive as possible. Here is my food journal:


  1. Welcome back to the band wagon ;o) Good job staying within your points - even with a splurge. Good luck managing it all!!