Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aunt Flo came... and brought Cousin Laziness and Hunger with her...

My period is in full gear and has brought a grumpier, more sensitive, hungrier me... I know I need to mentally get past this by going to work out and really pushing past this time of intense carb cravings. Last night I did okay. I had my west indian curry with quinoa. I started off with a half a cup of quinoa and then wanted more so went for 1/4 cup more. I was just HUNGRY. My intention was at first to eat Cauliflower mash but I wanted something carby!! I also had some blue chips prior to my meal, so clearly, I was HUNGRY. Tonight, I plan on low carbing it up with some spaghetti squash. At least that is the plan. Then I am going to have a huge bowl of watermelon and blueberries with a half a cup of light cool whip. I am hoping that will trick my body into thinking I am eating ice cream. 

Anyways- I've just been super sensitive and I know its just my period and its stupid. Someone at work just made an offhanded comment about how I am just losing water weight and blah blah blah. Well you know what, Ive worked super duper hard for this "water weight" and I am going to keep on going.  Being that I've had issues in my past about my body and stuff, its hard when people make comments and I have the insecurity monster creep up into my head. My time of having an eating disorder is definitely long gone and I am dedicated to be healthy about this because I know the damage you can do to your body but the insecurity still lingers a bit, in the back of your head. But I am so blessed that I have a louder voice with my husband that screams how much he loves every inch and every mark on my body. He. is. awesome :)

So in addition to my weight loss, I've also been transforming my face. Due to PCOS plus coupled with having african american sensitive skin, I have TERRIBLE hyperpigmentation along my forehead, jawline, and  neck. I am blessed to have a symptom of PCOS that does not include irregular periods, however I did have the cysts (when I did a follow up after childbirth, my cysts were shed and so no cysts thus far), I had the insulin resistance, and I had the hirsutism, which is the abnormal hair growth on a woman which often would affect my jaw and neck. Always very embarrassing. Well now, I am undergoing an expensive dermatological treatment. I did this treatment prior to my wedding and was so happy with the results. I am excited to be doing it now BUT my skin is undergoing the first stage of redness and peeling like I am a damn iguana. I knew it was coming but its funny to see people look at my face and pretend not to notice when they are clearly staring at it.  Its been about two weeks since i've started and I already see a difference so I am super excited about it. My skin is smoothing out and the marks are starting to really fade. I'm aiming to be one hot nurse mama in 2013! :)

So here is my eating for yesterday. Stayed one below, so still doing well but it was definitely not easy. I also didn't work out yesterday. I just didn't wanna. I'll be making up for it today though...


  1. Ughhh....I was so there last week. The things we women have to go through! :-)

  2. Hang in there sweet friend! You're still the Cool Whip on my fruit! Tell those other ppl to "shut up!"