Sunday, August 26, 2012

Danielle's beach sexy hair

So my beautiful friend Danielle wanted to do something a little different with her look, especially since we have been both on a journey for fitness and health lately. From  the Bonqueshas to the Kim Kardiashians and Jessica Simpsons, the ladies of the world have been obsessed with HAIR (and as you already know from my Unbeweavable post, i am a fan), so I offered to put in some hair extensions.  Well I did it for her today and I may be biased, but I think she looks AMAZING! Here are some pictures of my sexy friend! YOU GO GIRL!

Here are a couple of BEFORE pictures:

And here is my sexy hot friend with a little something extra... AFTER:

ignore the crying toddler in the background...

I know I am biased but she looks sooooo fricking cute!


  1. I love it! Thank again, so mcuh!

    1. No problem girl! I hope Ashish and Jordan gets use to it :)

  2. She looks great, there's nothing like some good hair lol. I'm currently deciding on what to do next!