Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken...

So my first day of weight watchers went pretty well, but of course, it is only the first day. I always do super awesome on my diet first days... but, I digress because I am no longer dieting. I am changing my lifestyle. So, on my first lifechanging day, I kept one point under my allotted daily points. YAY! I was proud of myself and I can see how this program works. It takes the guess work out of things and points has been so much easier to calculate than calories. Soo, we shall see how I maintain this. Below is my day yesterday:

The chicken thigh skillet dinner was a concoction I made on my own. I took boneless skinless chicken thighs. Seasoned it and put it in a pan with garlic. Then took a can of the healthy request/low fat cream of chicken soup and half a cup of water. Let that simmer for a while. Then added a bag of chopped frozen spinach and sliced frozen squash. I was sad to find out the boneless skinless chicken thighs were 9 points. i will be making that recipe again with boneless skinless breasts instead. I made that with frozen yellow corn and brown rice. I didn't have enough points to have the brown rice though, so I just ate the chicken thigh skillet dinner on top of a bed of 1 cup corn. I love corn and to me, it was so worth the 4 points, even though it stinks corn is 4 freakin points. It was actually filling :). So 9 points for the chicken, 4 points for the corn, 2 points for cream of chicken soup and everything else was free points. Jonathan and my husband also really enjoyed dinner last night :). So one healthy dinner recipe down!

So in my quest to a healthier me, I am seeking NATURAL supplements to help my weight loss. Now, because of my past, I've probably taken EVERY synthetic, unnatural diet pill out there. EVERYTHING. I've decided to go slightly more  holistic in nature, seeking the advice of Dr. Oz, America's doctor, for recommendations. I have purchased and rush ordered for delivery thursday from Fucoxanthin and also Green Coffee Bean Extract, both of which has been featured and highly recommended by Dr. Oz. I am specifically most excited about Fucoxanthin because not only are people having results from this natural supplement in targeting belly fat, but it also helps combat diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering blood glucose levels. Having PCOS, I actually had a phase when I was pre-diabetic and went on metformin. Since pregnancy, that part did correct itself but having diabetes in my family and being 31 is making me alot more aware of preventative measures I need to take in order to grow old with my husband and watch my son grow up. So starting Friday, I will be taking those two supplements. Even if not for weight loss, both are great supplements. I know there are not quick fixes, trust me, I've tried everything. So now I am working on detoxing via antioxidants, eating better, and getting healthy.

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  1. I definitely think it's all about the lifestyle change. Every time I try to "diet" I end up eating a whole bag of M&Ms by myself :-) Good for you for setting goals and for a great 1st meeting!!