Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yeah, no catchy post heading here. My brain doesn't feel like working. Someone didn't give my two year old the Saturday memo... Um, why was he up at 6:45am? come on man!!!! not cool. Well that caused me to be up early and it will definitely mean we both go down for a nap today.  Saturdays are typically a harder day for me diet wise. Today is no exception. My friend is having a birthday at her house today at 5 pm. I am hoping I can stay focused and on my game while there. I know if I can make it past Saturday, I will be A-OKAY. I am thinking of eating prior to arriving so I am not tempted to stray off course. I am weighing in on Tuesday and I REALLY want to stay as disciplined as I can.. So we shall see how I do :). Yesterday I did well. Pretty much stayed on course. The shrimp and quinoa I made was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED every morsel. If I knew I could eat delicious healthy food like I have been from, I wouldve been skinny a long time ago! lol. My husband is loving the variety as well and since he can't work out because of his back, it is keeping his weight nice and steady, which he appreciates. Tonight I believe I am going to do that Thai dish again, but I am thinking of mixing it up with a little more seafood. I am thinking of adding scallops and calamari(well squid, but calamari sounds better than saying squid) to it this go around. Then having it on top of green beans and maybe 1/4 a cup of quinoa to keep the carbs down a bit. Well thats all I got on this tiresome day, but you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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