Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Please, women that are of voluptuous size, put some clothes on ... All that vajiggle jaggle is not beautemous."

Man, I love me some HONEY BOO BOO CHILD!! Yes, I am ashamed to admit it and yes I will keep watching.

OH! Happy dance news. So I re-ran my mile from yesterday and I ran it in 12 mins and 24 seconds. I think that is definitely my "base" time and I suppose my personal best as of right now. Each time I run, I will try and beat that number. My ultimate goal is to do an 11 minute mile. I am wondering if I run outside on a track, will I get a faster time. I am definitely going to try that this weekend and see how well I do. It will most likely need to be a Sunday because football is starting up very soon and I am sure all the school will be playing at the high school. 

Anyways, my quest to get my vajiggle jaggle in order has been going pretty good today. Last night, I was well under in my point system. 8 points under. I decided to take today to up my points because I don't want to go too far under each day. I know the system is there for a reason and I need to be getting as close as I can. Truth is though, I am eating every 2-3 hours, and I am really not hungry for much else. I told myself if I am going to dip below, then I will make sure what I eat is very nutritious. For example, per my calculations, my anticipated intake may be approximately 6 points under tonight but for one of my snacks today I have edamame. Also pairing tonights dinner with Green beans. Tomorrow I am going to my nursing school orientation. Since I am president of my class, I will be talking to the upcoming juniors about what to expect and blah blah blah. they have a buffet banquet there with so much deliciousness that is going to be served. Nursing school is a huge reason why I gained weight. Every morning only being able to grab a poptart from the vending machine. Then with all those boring lectures, eating chips just to stay somewhere above comatose.  It will be a huge change for me and I am glad I am starting weight watchers a few weeks prior to the start of school because at least I would have developed somewhat of a pattern. I told myself NO MATTER WHAT, I am not quitting my weight loss goal. I will not quit, even if I fail. The weight watchers meeting leader who literally lost 215 lbs on weight watchers said that the most important thing is to make it to the meeting and get back into the saddle. She said that what happens is people may try and skip a week because they know they are up and they don't want the embarrassment of having that on record. So they miss a week. Then two weeks. Then they feel like they failed. This is alot of my story. I start a diet, eat "bad" one day and just say eff it, i ate bad on friday, I might as well eat bad on saturday. and sunday. Then I will start over monday. But monday comes and I didn't start over and so now its tuesday and you can ONLY start a diet on Monday, right? So I better just enjoy the rest of the week. Vicious cycle. I want to get out of that cycle. I may eat terrible a day, but if I do, I want to not feel defeated. I want to not give up this time. 
My intake from yesterday:
And last nights dinner was DELICIOUS!!!! I STILL can't believe ONE enchilada was only 4 points. I used the low carb, whole wheat high fiber tortilla and it was very tasty. My husband LOVED it. That will DEFINITELY be in constant rotation in the CHARLES house.

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