Monday, August 27, 2012

Everyday I'm a hustlin'

So its Monday. A long week ahead of me including an exam and several assignments that will be due. Ugh... Anyways, Jonathan started at his new school today. Of course I was nervous like any mom...will he feel nervous? Will the kids be nice to him? Will he make friends like he did at his other school? Well he walked in like the champ that he is and the other kids came up to him and said "HI!". I wish people acted towards other people the way kids do. They don't see big or small, fat or skinny, black or white. They just see a kid. And they want to know them and be their friend. My baby boy waved at me and said "bye mommy!" and it truly eased my heart. I hope he has the best day. Can't help but think about him. i love that kid.

So I am feeling a little blah today. I am unsure if my efforts this week will be enough to see the scale move.  I will be going to the gym today and will try my best to work it out but I am nervous about what the scale will end up saying. Oh well... I can only do the best I can do, right? As much as I would love to see a 1 in front of my weight loss, as long as its down, I'll be happy. Hey, I'll even settle for just 200.... oh man though, I really want to see that one though. 199.... even just 199....

So as I spoke about before, I have been taking only natural supplements. Throughout my 20s, I have filled by body with every type of diet pill. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to feel my heart pound out my chest when I am simply sitting in a chair. I want to do things that will HELP my system. So I have been taking Flucoxanthin and Green Coffee Extract for about 2 weeks, as mentioned and recommended by Dr. Oz.  I am thinking of also buying this:
Dandelion root tea has shown "choleretic" effects, which means that it can stimulate the liver to increase bile flow. Once bile is released by the liver, its two main functions are to carry away waste and to break down fats during digestion. So overall, it helps promote healthy function of two extremely important organs of the body (liver and kidneys) and also help remove wastes. I am excited to add this to my healthy repertoire.

So here is my food intake for yesterday. I was really below yesterday but that is mostly because I was helping a friend and realized I missed a snack at 2 pm. Hope everyone makes good choices today!!


  1. You don't eat much throughout the day! I should be better about that. I have a Smart ones for lunch but it never fills me up... Good for you for staying away from the diet pills and finding natural methods of supplementing your diet.

  2. Jennifer! Love your blog! And I loved the sweet comment you left me on mine today. You CAN do it - the 1 year anniversary of the start of my weight loss journey is coming up and I was sitting where you are. Don't give up girl! And PS - hope your little boy loves his school! My little boy is 2 and I dread the day he goes to school with all my heart. I hope the kids are nice to him and he makes friends. I guess we all worry about stuff like that. It's our job as moms, right? :) Have a great week sweetie! I look forward to keeping up with your journey!