Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surviving the day...

So today was our nursing school orientation for the junior class. Being President of the class of 2013, I had to be there to help plan the food for the juniors as well as the skit, be part of the Q&A and for fundraising purposes.  IT WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!  So proud of the way our class has come together and I really did miss seeing everyone, although I am not completely excited about starting school again and being completely STRESSED OUT. Sigh...
But anyways, I just wanted to brag on myself a little because there was a buffet planned out and I think the world conspired together to bring all of my absolute favorite foods in one place. First of all the dessert table was RIDICULOUS! The most heavenly looking items including a key lime pie and... I FLIPPIN LOVE KEYLIME PIE. There were OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES, which I FLIPPIN LOVE OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES. There was POUND CAKE. And you guessed it, I FLIPPIN LOVE POUND CAKE! The choices were endless. And guess what...I didn't have ONE. Nope, not one bite of a cookie or piece of cake. I just didn't want it. Thing is, if I would be on any other diet, I would be angry because I felt like it was off limits and then took one, then three, then five. BUT I didn't have one this time I guess because I knew I could have it. It would have points attached to it, but if I wanted to, i could have it. And I didn't want those points. After all, I had to combat the HUGE food spread that had everything from pull pork, to authentic vietamese spring rolls, to macaroni and cheese, cheese dips, spinach dips, lasagna, chicken oh man. Of course I will post my day tomorrow but just wanted to brag about myself and the fact I chose: 3 swedish meatballs, 6 All Natural- Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips (and after looking online, I realize I could have had 22 chips for a reasonable amount of points), I had a tablespoon of Mango Salsa (which was DELICIOUS), ONE of the most delicious Spring Rolls, and lots of fruit, that consisted of watermelon, cherries, papaya, blueberries. No delicious potato salad or macaroni salad, just that selection. I even skimped on the deli sandwiches because they had tons mayo and cheese on it. So patting myself on the back for a good day :) .
As for yesterday, i was REALLY under my points. I really need to make sure I am getting as close as I can each day. I'm just not as hungry as I once was and what I do eat truly is super filling, especially since I am eating every 2-3 hours now. But I will get better.
I only ran for the mile, so no weights or anything. I was EXHAUSTED but I am glad I did my little cardio for the day. Something is always better than nothing!

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