Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starting my new relationship...

So I am really proud of myself and the new relationship I am forming with food.  Last night we went out to eat to a hibachi restaurant. Now, I can't lie and say it wasn't hard to watch delicious fried rice with gobs of butter being cooked in front of me, and watch my son and husband NOM NOM NOM down on the yummy goodness, but I made the choice to stay with sushi. I researched last night prior to going out to eat and found out I could have a delicious rainbow roll and loads of sashimi for great point value! This is all I ate last night and was STUFFED. I couldn't even eat my last piece of sushi.
So I finished the day being two points under  and more than satisfied for the day. I even went to panera bread for a cup of soup and bread during my officers meeting.  I finally feel I can truly do this. I may be able to TRULY lose weight on this program. Of course I haven't been weighed as yet, and I am nervous to not see the scale move and feel discouraged but I am already starting to feel a little better and I'm on my way. 

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