Sunday, August 26, 2012


So I stayed 100% focused during the party yesterday. Truth is, I didn't have much of a desire to even eat badly. Well okay, the macaroni and cheese almost did me in, BUT I stayed very focused with my eye on the prize! I also got my first weight loss compliment from someone that I didn't tell I was trying to lose weight. Terrance mom said "Jennifer... have you lost weight? You are looking good! I can tell." And that made me beam of course. Looking down at myself, I really dont see it but the fact someone took notice (and way before the 20 pound mark that it is said when people notice weight loss on you) makes me super happy.

Anyways, had  a great time with friends. Here is my favorite man in all the land:
And here is my Goddaughter Madison-
Jonathan's best friend Jordan:
And last but not least: THE BIRTHDAY TWINS!

Such a fun time!!!

Went out for hibachi last night because I did not feel like cooking and Chris loves some good hibachi. Also, I can have a huge amount of delicious sushi for a fraction of points! I left complete full and it was awesome. Jonathan however will not be going to anymore hibachi restaurants. He screams bloody murder at the fire and we always have to leave the table. At least I dn't have to worry about him playing with matches anytime soon.

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