Thursday, August 9, 2012

I want to be a DIRTY girl...

So... in my quest for a healthier and more active way of living, I am branching out!! Usually, my happy moments involve consuming the fattiest, carbiest, and gooeyiest of foods.  Even heading down to my trip to pigeon forge, I was looking mostly forward to eating my friend Danielle's buffalo chicken dip, which is SOOOO delicious, and probably a million calories. In fact, i pretty much ate half of the entire bowl myself. Well, I want to start looking forward to more positive, better things and I think I found something that is crazy as hell, but could be fun. THE BEAST MUD RUN. Now, I am still trying to convince my dear friend Danielle to do this event with me. She is very apprehensive and I can see why. Sad part is, I haven't even told her the real kickers... like for example it costs $60 to register. Its a 10K. Its in Locust Grove... nope, haven't divulged any of this yet...BUT I am hoping very hard that she will decide to do it with me. My arguments why? 

1. I think it will push us to train super hard in these next 8 weeks. To seriously put in the effort at the gym. 
2. We are young and you only live once!! What an amazing opportunity to take the craziest of pictures, laugh our ass off during the process, and feel a sense of accomplishment. This is bucket list material right here!!!
3. We will shock the hell out of our husbands doing something like this, and while they are sooo incredibly supportive and loving, I think THEY will be surprised if we actually go through with it. And nothing is hotter than a strong wife :). 
4. It will require a lot of dedication, focus, and accountability during these next 8 weeks. 
5. It will be hard. Super hard. INCREDIBLY hard. Almost impossible feeling. I may cry during half the course...but when I cross that finish life, I will feel so proud of myself. I really will. 

So...there are my arguments. And I am holding my breath waiting for my friend to stop "THINKING" about it...and just do it :). yes, I feel crazy even considering this. I'm two days into weight watchers and haven't been in the gym in FOREVER. But I guess after watching Extreme Makeover weight loss edition on my tivo last night, I'm still on a motivated kick. And to see these people 400+ pounds cry their asses off and scream that they can't do it. That its impossible, but then they do it. Its inspiring. I am inspired. 

So anyway, my day yesterday for WW went well. I got munchies last night while warming up my leftovers and I just had to see a box of goldfish my son left on the table. Um yes, devoured it along with 5 tortillas. Luckily, there wasnt much chicken left, so I gave my hubby two full pieces and took 2/3 chicken for myself and gave 1/3 of it to Jonathan for his meal. So it lowered my 15 point dinner to 12 points, keeping me under again by 1. So far so good. I really need to get moving though. Im hoping for a jog today in my neighborhood with Jonathan :)

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