Friday, August 24, 2012


TGIF!! I am sooo ready for this week to end. While it hasn't been "bad" it has been incredibly stressful. The summer has truly spoiled me with time with friends and family. Now comes the life of solitude as I go back to cramming everything that I can left in only 24 hours of the day. This is the time I neglect everyone and pretty much become the worst friend on earth. lol. But I have great people in my life who understand and this year I am making an effort to squeeze in date nights, squeeze in girl nights, and squeeze in ME nights.

So I was finishing my tracking for yesterday and apparently I went WAY under points. Totally not on purpose. I made a delicious Bolognese sauce, which I took from (as usual). I made a few modifications to it, for example, i do not like any kind of bacon or anything that tastes remotely like bacon, so I skimped out on the pancetta. i also used ground turkey instead of lean ground beef, and I used a few more veggies, for example adding yellow, green, and red bellpeppers and mushrooms ( I LOVE MUSHROOMS!).  See all ingredients below:

Skinny Bolognese Sauce

3PointsPlus Value
Prep time: N/A
Cook time: N/A
Serves: 16


And it truly came out looking like this: 

ONLY THREE POINTS for this delicious, veggie laden sauce. Instead of going the pasta route, i decided to  do spaghetti squash. Tasted amazing and again, my dinner was THREE POINTS. Well, now that I look at my points for the day, that modification kept me severly low. 
Thirteen points under plus I exercised. Hmm. I may need to start doing something more in order to keep my calories and intake in order. I know I am eating healthy but I don't want to be that low of a deficit. I have some edamame at work today and I think I will be indulging in some of that. This afternoon. With me working out more, i really need to up my protein anyways. 
Tomorrow is my friend's children birthday party and while I am looking forward to seeing the kids play together, I am not looking forward to all the cakes, cakepops, and food I will be surrounded by. Just need to remain focused as I have been doing already. If I am able to work out tonight, then I will be 4 days in with my workout routine. I will be trying to push myself today even more on that treadmill. I am SO CLOSE to hitting 11 mins for my mile.  I will also be focusing on some core workouts. Due to pregnancy and a wonderful C-section, my core needs some work. I will be doing some planking exercises at least twice a week and when I reach the 15 lbs mark, I will be looking to get a body wrap. Not sure if those REALLY work, but anyway I can try and keep my skin somewhat tight, I will gladly take. I will try anything at least once. 

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