Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Do It...

Today will be my last day of week one and I feel awesome to have done well and stayed true to my goal. It really does feel great and I am so incredibly happy to have shown discipline this week. Tomorrow I will find out how much I have lost, and this is scary to me because if it shows up nothing, I will truly be devastated. I have a thing with the scale in which if it doesn't move, then typically I just give up. I REALLY want things to be different this time around.

Anyways, here was my day yesterday:

Typically dinner takes the most of my points and I guess I will see if that is a good or bad thing. I am eating SMART ONES for lunch every single day until I have the time and patience to come up with better lunches. Right now, the prepackaged works for me. I know the sodium isn't good but hopefully I can change that up after I get a good grip on my intake. 

Sooo this week starts my training with the 5K. Last week, I didn't work out AT ALL. Well, I watched Extreme Makeover Weight Loss, does that count? This week, my goal is to work out or do SOMETHING active every single day. When I reach my 10% goal, I am going to buy some new work out gear. New sports bras, pants, tshirts/tank tops. Shopping is always awesome motivation to me. :)

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  1. Yes!!! Watching Extreme Makeover does count :-) You go girl....I always love the weeks that I'm super disciplined.