Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week three weigh in results

So after starving myself all morning refusing to eat until I weighed in for the week, I got my result...
I am down 2.4 pounds. This makes a total of 14 pounds. I should be excited but...

I am mad.

Yes I said it. I KNOW I am being unrealistic. I KNOW that I should be grateful for every single pound that is shed from my rotund body but... I wanted to see a much better number. I wanted so badly to finally see a 1 in front of my weight. But nope. I was mocked at 200.6. This is after me busting my ass at the gym last night. I lazily wanted to stay home and watch bachelor pad as it aired but I got my big butt up and went to the gym. i did 2.25 miles last night. No records, I finished my first mile in 11:14 seconds, so worse than my personal best but I kept going. I was DRENCHED with sweat and so proud of myself. Felt amazing. But it still wasn't enough to move that scale number under that 200. I am changing it up now. I am entering week 4 and I need to be focused. I really need to keep my cardio in check but I desperately need to up my protein. I noticed my protein levels are very low and so I going to increase that big time. Completely revamping my menu. Only thing that will be consistent is the smart ones for lunch. I think I will start making spinach, chicken, cheese omelets in the morning. Then incorporate a protein shake in my diet post workout. I am going all in this week. Its bullshit. I know I know, slow and steady does win the race but I want to help my body lose the best way it can. If i am being deficient in protein right now, I need to change that. Our bodies are well oiled machines. I haven't cheated ONCE this week. I know I am capable of healthily doing three pounds. I know I am more than capable, especially  for the amount of weight I have on my body, i can be fairly steady. I have a lot of it. So I am CHALLENGING myself this week. It will be hard considering my Mommy will be coming in from out of town this week but I am going to cook some healthy items for her as well to enjoy and I know she will very much be on board. So thats the plan. I guess we will see if it worked by next weigh in. I'm excited and nervously challenged by this. My current diet has been so easy to maintain thus far. Ive been eating pretty much the same thing but its time to change it up a little bit.

Ahhhh. okay my vent is over. And now that I sit here for a few minutes, you know what, I'm happy I'm down and I am currently minus 14 pounds! And I am 4 lbs away from the most weight I've ever lost before. For my wedding, I lost about 18 lbs. Thats the most weight ever and I had a personal trainer. I will be STOKED to reach that weight loss pounds again :)
Here is my day yesterday:


  1. Great job! A loss is a loss. I know it's frustrating to not yet hit the 100s but you'll be there next week and then you'll stay there!!!

    I'm going to take notes from your tracker - I use so many more points than you do and I need to find ways to scale back. Thanks for posting yours!!!

    1. Aww thanks so much Missy! I am truly trying my best :). And yes you are so right, a loss is a loss. I had a friend who gained one pound after her weigh in today and it made me feel crappy for complaining about my loss when she actually gained. I did my best to uplift her and I need to follow my own advice at times! And yes maam, once Im in the 100's I AM STAYING THERE THIS TIME!!!!