Friday, August 31, 2012

Trucking along...

This will be short because my laptop battery is about to go dead and I am too lazy to get the charger. ITs been THAT kind of day. Im just so tired. My mom was suppose to come into town today but just like a typical West Indian/Caribbean, she is late and will come tomorrow. I have my first exam for nursing school tomorrow. Am I ready. Hell no. And I have so much studying to do tomorrow that I have a headache just thinking of it. And its 10 pm and I have yet to eat dinner. But please believe I am going to eat tonight. Dinner is almost ready and I am starving. I've literally been cleaning my house for about 5  hours and its still not done. I've neglected many different parts, I can't even lie. The common areas are spotless but if you venture upstairs, you will see my secrets. I had clothes EVERYWHERE. then Jonathan, my dear sweet boy was replaced by a mini monster from the underground, whose sole purpose was to drive me crazy in a Walmart. I know he was simply exhausted so of course I kept myself together but it wasn't easy.

Yesterday I was really under points. Didnt even realize I was that below to tell you the truth. Ah well, I am making up for it today. ME HUNGRY!

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