Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting into my groove

Gotta make this post short because I have a toddler ready to dip out of here. We have a busy day since its the twins birthday today and I am trying to get work and a workout in today. 

Yesterday eating went well. I think I am coming slightly obsessed because I am starting to dream about food. Last night I dreamed I was eating at a buffet. Literally shoving food in my mouth and thinking "oh no! I wonder how many points I am consuming now!!". Uh, yah... awkward. Anyway, I spent much of last night looking through blogs of people who had weight loss over the past few months. I was really inspired by many. To see how they were once where I am and day after day, they pounded away at the pounds! Its great to see they also had frustrations and feelings of being tired and fed up, but just kept going. Last night I was kind of in a blah mood. Proud of how I'm doing thus far but looking down and seeing that I have sooooo much more weight to go. I know I didn't pack it on all at once, so i am going to lose it little by little anyway. Lose it by being dedicated and focused on this. I can do it. I know I can. 

Here is my day yesterday. I went pretty far under yesterday. That dinner makes it nearly impossible to keep with my points. I didn't work out though. I forgot my shoes yesterday. I am determined to at least get 4 days in this week. I MUST do it. I aimed for 5 to do better than I did the week before, but if I can't beat it, I gotta at least match it! 

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