Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exercise induced Rhinitis/Allergies...ain't that some fat girl sh#@!

Sooooooo, apparently I have exercise induced allergies. No, Im not making this stuff up people. If that isn't some fat girl shit, i don't know what is! LOL. I've noticed when I do rigorous running on the treadmill, as soon as I am done, my nose starts to run, I start sneezing, I start coughing. I mean, it is really odd. It happens more often than none so it made me look it up online. Well sure enough, its a real issue. My body responds to vigorous exercise by releasing histamine...for you non science nerds, histamine is a chemical your body releases when you are having an allergic reaction. Mine is tolerable, and yes, I am joking when I say its a fat girl problem. Many athletes actually have it.Iits just my body responding to physical stress, and its just a nuisance more than anything else. It isn't contagious and I'm not "allergic" to exercise. I took a benedryl (antihistamine) last night just because I was sneezing all over my  book but I won't need to be treated. I will just let it be :)

Anyways, the department at the hospital I work at is taking everyone out to lunch... at Maggiano's. So you need to know that there are two types of food that rock my face off and probably responsible for at least one of my chins... Mexican and Italian. So when I found out that this is where we were going... um yah, minor freak out. I then calmed down and said, "I will just do as they suggested at the meetings. Look up what I am going to order and not even look at a menu" I put Maggiano's in the WW tracker and OMG... things as high as 70 points came slapping me in the face. Everything was SUPER high. Even the tossed salad is 6 points... HUH? I almost was going to fake an illness but then I remembered I had an emergency SMART ONES lunch in the company refrigerator. So at 10:35 am, I am eating my lunch. Then when I go to Maggianos, I plan on only getting a salad or perhaps some grilled asparagus. I will be satisfied so no need to over indulge. Now in theory this should work, and hopefully I will be able to come back and report that I did just that but I am proud of myself for being smart and foreseeing a potential diet deterrent. I am really invested in this healthier lifestyle and want to be successful. So there you have it! Me making strides :)

Yesterday went well like I touched on in my final blog yesterday. My dinner was flipping delicious! Man oh Man. I can't even lie, if I knew eating healthy was this good, I would have done it a long time ago. The asparagus I made tasted YUMMMO! I just sprayed it with some Smart balance oil spray (like PAM but made by SMART BALANCE and has Omega 3s) and sprinkled some kosher salt. I popped it in the oven for about 6 minutes and it tasted PERFECT. Oh man so good. The fish I bought was delicious too. I always get my seafood from Publix because its so fresh there. Literally got 2 lbs of salmon and even Jonathan ate it. I measured out 4 oz and ate that but when I looked on weightwatchers later, I realize I could actually have 6 oz of salmon for a serving, so I will getting me a bigger portion tonight. I went to sleep very satisfied though. I am surprised I was as under in points as I was yesterday but I know that my body got some good nourishment. Here is my day yesterday! Good choices to all... oh! And Congratulations to my weight loss buddy Danielle,who lost 2.8 POUNDS this week! GET IT GIRL!!!!!


  1. Good plan for your work lunch! That would be a challenge - so good for you for taking steps to stay on track!

    1. Hey Missy-
      my plan failed. I could have done worse but I probably shouldn't have even gone. Of course I am in school though and I really didn't want to look antisocial with the superiors of my hospital. But i did alright. I had 2.5 oz of chicken piccata and some spinach. I put it in the damn weight tracker and it was 13 points for just that little bit! I also had some salad, so that tacked on an additional 2 points. So 15 points that I wish I could take back. I will say that I did exhibit some serious self control. It was a three course meal and they brought out tons of bread, bruschetta appetizer, spinach artichoke dip. All of which I REFUSED. Then came out all the pastas, creamy pastas, red pastas, Pasta pasta pasta. And yup, I turned them all down. When my boss saw I wasn't eating, he made me "try" the chicken piccata saying it wasn't "that bad". I hate when people try to be diet destroyers. Then came out the fricking tiramisu and ice cream. OMG, looked so delicious. but Not one bite of anything, despite it being waved in front of my face. So it could have been worse, but it could have been better.